A.S.T.E.R.I. is a Non Profit Non Governmental Organization committed to aware, educate, research, promote, disseminate, publicize, and minimize problems regarding modern diseases youth and older adults are facing due to modern innovative techniques and the new way in our lives. Modern devices such as mobile phones, internet games and communications, social media, problems such as bulimia, obesity, violence and bulling, etc. as well as all new entries in people lives. Up till now ASTERI has been actively involved in Research – Surveys, Educating and Activities mostly on sports education, consumer education, citizen safety, recycling and reuse, attitudes for healthier life, and information on European Union integration. With the slogan “we CUT violence in Sports” in Arenas, Schools and playgrounds, started an innovative activity three years ago. At the same time parents and grandparents shared their ideas and learned how to behave and support and avoid problems. Members of ASTERI are active in Jeans Re-Use. They gather blue jeans from people of all ages in order to donate them. The action called “Share your Jeans and make a friend”. ASTERI is active in a lot of educational activities through different methods such as mini films, competitions, bingo games, holiday festival activities, local food festivals and local food productions Most of the income comes from memberships, as well as donations in kind or money from Companies of People as well as from the festivals that we organize. Recently the Northern Greece Ministry supported a lot of educational activities, in the area of new transactions in e banking for older people. ASTERI runs PEACEFUL JERSEYS Campaign with the support of Ministry of Education – Sports & Tourism and the Department of Immigration – Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Website: www.asteri.org.gr

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