Animam Viventem Association, which uses the motto Vida + Viva, is a non-profit association based in the municipality of Cascais – Portugal, founded in January 2012. Identifying local needs, we promote the WELL-BEING of the population, connecting people to social solutions, developing core skills and empowering them to become active citizens, contributing to a balanced and sustainable SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT. We provide and implement LOCAL ACTIONS AND SERVICES of psychosocial and educational support, considering each person as a key agent for change. We develop SOCIAL PROJECTS based on the needs of people, projecting them in a EUROPEAN dimension through strategic partnerships. We are part of CASCAIS SOCIAL NETWORK, a structure that incorporates more than 100 local entities, public and private, with responsibilities in local social development, promoting a partnership work and qualification of social intervention in the community. The values that guide us and we defend are: Respect and empathy for the other; Valuing People and Human Rights; Tolerance and Intercultural Dialogue; Promotion of Equality; Cooperation for Social Justice; Sustainable Development. 

Our work is structured in 5 different departments: 


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