Under the TWOST project we have developed the personalised Online self assessment, in order to allow organizations to test themself on gender friendliness, awareness, and equality inside their organizations.

We identify 3 levels process:
Self-assessment tool

Organization fulfill, based on its own  characteristics, personalized the self assessment.

Quality label

Based on the responses, organisation acquires Bronze, Silver or Gold quality label.


Due to your responses personalised database will be elaborated for areas of improvements.

The TWOST Online self assessment tool helps youth workers and organizations to:
  • Develop competence and awareness on gender stereotyping and gender-based violence and harassment in their everyday work
  • Engage more actively in reflecting on their pedagogical practice in terms of gender approach, stimulated by a structured self-assessment exercise providing feedback according to different levels of progression
  • Self-direct their learning and develop their competence whenever they want, at their own pace, extending professional development opportunities to informal online learning environments
  • Establish a personal competence profile
  • Access a tailored ecosystem of European and national training resources to further develop their competencies according to need or interest.
  • receive a quality label, which will prove that organization has a certain level of gender equality inside the organization. 
  • After the fulfilment of self assessment toll in case of gaps, receive personalized and practical literature in order to Improve their internal policies in certain area
Fulfill the self assessment tool and challenge your organization. You will receive a label proving gender equality and friendliness inside your organization!